Bulago Island

One Minute South is located on the Western shore of Bulago Island, 0°01’S of the Equator. Bulago Island is at the center of Lake Victoria’s freshwater marine reserve, enacted through Parliament in 2007, creating a 200 square kilometer protected zone. The Lacustrine Protected Area (LPA) will be promoting the replenishment of severely depleted fish stocks and the reintroduction of sport fishing tourism in Lake Victoria.

Superimposed over the fish reserve we plan the return to natural wilderness, creating a Nature Reserve by working hand in hand with the relevant government ministries, to reduce and then reverse the detrimental effects of deforestation, lake pollution and illegal fishing practices. We strive to reforest, reduce soil degradation and employ aspects of permaculture and sustainable agricultural methods on Bulago and surrounding islands, visit KuoKoa for more information.

The islands within the reserve provide a natural sanctuary for the ever-endangered African wildlife including the Nile Monitor Lizard, otters and over 300 species of birds. Animals and birds will be given refuge within this government protected reserve.

There are some plots of beach property for sale on Bulago Island, please contact Alison Porteous on +256776709970 or ali@oneminutesouth.com to discuss buying your own plot in paradise.