15 reasons to visit Bulago Island and find your own piece of paradise.

1. Golden sandy beaches in land-locked countries certainly attract a healthy premium. Bulago is the only island in the locality that enjoys sandy beaches along 80% of its shoreline.

2. Uganda’s Riviera is well-established: Since 1999 Lake Victoria Sailing Company Ltd. (LVSC) has been transforming this tropical, equatorial island into a Barefoot Paradise getaway with protected forest.

3. Uganda’s unique beach resort, Pineapple Bay Resort, has been established for 20 years.

4. The stunning One Minute South villa, established for 14 years, is the perfect island getaway for parties, workshops, retreats and weddings.

5. Equator: Bulago Island almost sits on the Equator, just one mile south.

6. Even with climate change, Uganda enjoys the best climate in the world, which is even better on the lake, so blissful weather all year round.

7. Bulago Island is the best place to enjoy the bewitching seconds as the sun drops below the lake’s horizon at 7pm.

8. Green Energy Reserve: Energy from renewable sources including solar and wind power are the preferred sources of energy. Being at the center of a fish reserve, we must make every effort to clean up the environment. Eventually we plan for a carbon neautral reserve that no longer relies on fossil fuel.

9. Location: Bulago Island is definitely the most perfectly located island out of all the 63 Ssese islands that make up the Koome archipelago. Bulago Island is just 24 kilometres from Entebbe International Airport and within 30 kilometres of lakeside Munyonyo and Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. An ideal getaway location for weekend tourists visiting from the city or for international tourists arriving at Entebbe airport.

10. Well-established Infrastructure: The island has well maintained trails, paths, jetties, moorings and viewing points financed through Bulago Island’s residents’ association (BIC). The Association also maintains a non-organic rubbish collection programme across the island, which is collected and transported to the mainland monthly.

11. Lake Victoria, the second largest in the world after Lake Superior in Canada, is one of the last remaining wildernesses left in the world and needs to be nurtured.

12. Fish Reserve: Bulago Island resides at the heart of Uganda’s first operational fish reserve on Lake Victoria. At a size of 250km2 this Reserve is helping to conserve the lake’s damaged ecosystem, nurture and protect the lake’s fish stocks and lend itself to imperative lake research. This Reserve has huge potential for lake tourism including hospitality, retail and activities including sports fishing and sailing.

13. Kuokoa Fish Cooperative: Bulago Island has its own small indigenous population of farmers and fishermen (with Bulago ID), who have been invited to join Bulago’s fish cooperative.  The NGO called Kuokoa, is following a well-proven fish management approach called TURF (Territorial Usage Rights for Fishermen), which works on the basis of empowering the local fishing communities to look after their local fishery. Please take a look at our website www.kuokoa-eastafrica.com.

14. Wildlife: over 400 species of birds, otters, monitor lizards, camels and island unique insects!

15. Clean air: get away from the city pollution and breathe in the fresh air from the indigenous forest.

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Aerial view. Bulago island, One Minute South.