Lake Victoria Sailing Company plans to develop the 200 square kilometre fish/game reserve around Bulago Island, and enacted through Parliament. At a meeting President Museveni last December, he agreed that the government should be contributing to the establishment and security of the fish/game reserve. LVSC is developing The Lake Conservatory or KUOKOA (Swahili for ‘save’) project. This project will establish an almost Utopian marine microcosm in the business of saving the Big Five: East Africa’s Fish & Marine Life East Africa’s Natural Wilderness East Africa’s National Culture & Art East Africa’s Sustainable agriculture & Forests East Africa’s Endangered animals Kampala, is the only capital city in the world that has a two hundred square kilometre fish and game reserve just 45 kilometres from the city centre and 17 kilometres from Entebbe International Airport. The Lacustrine Protected Area (LPA) promotes the replenishment of severely depleted fish stocks and the reintroduction of sport fishing tourism. The islands within the reserve will provide a natural sanctuary for endangered animals and birds that will be given refuge within this government protected reserve and boost eco tourism and foreign exchange earnings. At the centre of Uganda’s first marine conservation area is Bulago Island, a 500 acre island that has been developed over the last 17 years into Uganda’s very own Riviera with beach resort and lodges and a flourishing International island community. Bulago Island will provide the first regional platform for East Africa’s artists (of all arts & media), providing an opportunity to exhibit but also preserve their art and culture for posterity. Bulago Island will become the nucleus of a 200 square kilometre, ecologically sound, self-sufficient space, capable of embracing and enriching its communities and motivating positive social change through conservation.