Catering & Events

Dining at One Minute South is a sumptuous experience. We serve fresh, organic island-grown vegetables, fruit from our orchards of edible trees, herbs & spices as well as the delicious Lake Victoria Tilapia and Nile Perch freshly caught for your table.

Our chefs wants your culinary memories to bring you back to One Minute South. They strive to design a menu that tantalises your taste buds with flavours you'll love. We strive to cater to every palette and avoid any unwanted ingredients if desired (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, detoxing).

Lakeside, fireside, poolside - you decide.

The prerequisite of any culinary delight is the location for your feast. We recommend picnics and cruises, beach BBQs, hilltops and deserted beaches for sunsets and romantic dining.

Choose to eat where the mood takes you; in bed, by the pool under candle light, aboard a sunset cruise or next to the campfire, enjoying the beach BBQ. The bar and food service also extends to both island hilltops.

One Minute South is the perfect venue to celebrate birthdays, weddings or any anniversary. We have a full compliment of staff with extensive hospitality experience. The island is also proving to be ever more popular for all sorts of retreats from writing to yoga to company team-building getaways.

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